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Powerpoint Engineering Ltd.

Powerpoint Engineering Limited is an authorised agent in Ireland for the complete Fluke product range. Fluke is the market leader in the manufacture of electronic test equipment and innovative software. Since its foundation in 1948, Fluke has earned its no.1 position producing products that are reliable, durable, rugged, portable, and easy to use. All of this, combined with the highest standards of quality, make the Fluke products second to none. With the addition of Fluke Connect, it is also possible to record and share live data from multiple wireless testers among team members physically present in different locations, and analyse and resolve problems based on the collective experience and knowledge of the entire team

Registered with Engineers IrelandThis website contains data sheets & videos, with competitive prices, for all Fluke products including Fluke Clamp Meters, Digital Multimeters, Earth Ground Testers, Electrical Testers, Multifunction Installation Testers, Insulation Testers, PAT Testers, Power Quality Testers, Fluke Power Analysers, Process Calibration Tools, Thermal Imaging, Vibration Testers and Wireless Testers.

NSAIPowerpoint Engineering has been supplying the market since 1996. We have the necessary expertise, including our in-house Calibration Lab, to offer you advice and support on all Fluke products. At Powerpoint Engineering the company ethos is very much focused on you and our customers for Fluke products include electrical contractors, facility managers, manufacturing plants, utility companies, generating stations and safety professionals.

Market Segments

Supply LineFluke customers range from electricians, electrical contractors, metrologists, engineers, generating stations, utility companies and manufacturing plants. The Fluke product range is of huge benefit across a wide range of markets with the primary ones being as follows:


With electronics being integrated into all electrical and mechanical systems, our Fluke customers are using our broad range of tools such as Fluke Digital Multimeters, Fluke Electrical Testers, Fluke Installation Testers, Fluke Insulation Testers, Fluke PAT Testers & Fluke Thermal Imagers to record measurements in a safe and easy manner. These tools also enable the operators to troubleshoot problems effectively on their own.


Power quality professionals, electricians, engineers and maintenance personnel use Fluke products such as Fluke Digital Multimeters, Fluke Power Quality Analysers, Fluke Clamp Meters & Fluke Earth Ground Testers for daily on-site testing and maintenance of electrical systems, electrical power systems and HVAC/R systems. These Fluke products enhance the effectiveness of routine testing and facilitate timely decisions and solutions.


Substations require a predictive maintenance approach as a failure could spell disaster for consumers, in the form of lost revenues and production. Overheating and extremely cold operating temperatures can signal electrical component degradation. Thermal imaging tools offer predictive capabilities necessary for switchgear and substation maintenance and are essential for routine electrical maintenance. Gone are the days when thermal imagers were too expensive. Fluke Thermal Cameras are easy-to-use, rugged and quite affordable.


Fluke Power Quality Analysers are the market leaders in detecting power quality issues. While companies strive to ensure the health of electrical infrastructure via predictive maintenance, very rarely do they assess the quality of power that fuels the system. While it is difficult to achieve perfect power quality, compromised power quality is often attributable to known problems like voltage sags, unbalance, harmonic distortions, current spikes, transients, flickers, oscillations, reactive behaviour and others that can be monitored and addressed suitably.


Fluke Process Calibration Tools provide exacting standards for Instrument Technicians working in the Process Industries. These tools meet strict international quality requirements.

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