5 Reasons To Choose Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras

5 Reasons why to choose Fluke Thermal Imagers
  1. Class Leading Image Quality

    Fluke puts great emphasis on image quality and performance of the camera. Thanks to the high resolution sensors and 100 % diamond turned germanium lenses the resulting images are simply excellent. The built in regular image camera allows to blend the thermal image with regular depicting surroundings of the measurement area giving clear indication to where the camera is pointing to.

  2. Communication Without Boundries

    Did you ever think that your tools could speak to one another? Now they can! Every Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera has the wireless communication module built in to enable communication and cooperation between various test devices using Fluke Connect app for your smartphone. Also reporting is made easier because you no longer need to download test results to the computer (whilst you still can) and send test results directly from your camera.

  3. Razor-sharp Focus

    Did you know that lack of focus when making thermal images can lead up to 20 degrees temperature discrepancy? That’s why Fluke takes the camera focus system to new level. To create the most sophisticated and most accurate lens focus system Fluke had incorporated precise laser distance meter that instantaneously calculate the actual distance between the surface the camera is pointing at and the device giving you the razor-sharp focus.

  4. Quality, rugged built and ease of use

    These three qualities are attributed to Fluke throughout the years. Today nothing had change in this area – it is one of Fluke’s main concerns to provide systems that are designed for your convenience and longevity. Quality-wise the Fluke instruments are made out of best materials and designed with all aspects of ergonomics. The rugged built means that your equipment will last longer while the interfaces are always designed in the intuitive and smart way.

  5. Innovations

    Every new tool from Fluke is designed in ground breaking way to deliver new possibilities and opportunities for you to explore. Our design teams are working tirelessly on improving our existing range and providing upgrades to the rapidly changing demands.