Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit

Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • Efficiently and precisely locate both energized and de-energized wires within walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Utilizes the patented Smart Sensor™ to swiftly locate and visually display energized wires on a color display.
  • Swiftly identify breaks, opens, and shorts, along with easy identification of breakers and fuses.
  • Safety is paramount with a CAT IV 600 V safety rating.
  • Complete with the i400 AC Current Clamp accessory, facilitating the induction of a tracing signal on the cable in scenarios where access to bare conductors is not possible.


Product Overview: Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit

Engineered for Safety
The Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer excels in accurately and safely troubleshooting both energized and de-energized wires across residential, commercial, and industrial environments, boasting a CAT IV 600 V rating for unparalleled protection. This high CAT rating is especially crucial in environments like industrial plants, factories, and hospitals, where critical equipment must remain operational, making offline troubleshooting impractical.

Intelligent Tracing for Efficiency
Distinguishing itself with the patented Smart Sensor™, exclusive to the Fluke 2062, this wire tracer enhances speed and ease of wire tracing. The Smart Sensor™ swiftly locates and displays energized wires within walls, floors, and ceilings on a high-resolution 3.5-inch TFT LCD color display. The display features embedded help screens, making it user-friendly for both novices and experts. Coupled with the audible tone from the tip sensor, the Smart Sensor™ eliminates guesswork by visualizing and pinpointing the orientation of energized wires.

Tailored Wire Tracing for Diverse Applications
Whether addressing electrical wiring and equipment issues in residential homes, commercial buildings, or high-voltage utility plants, the Fluke 2062 is versatile in finding breaks, opens, and shorts. Its array of modes and functions provides the flexibility needed to troubleshoot a broad spectrum of electrical wiring and circuitry challenges encountered on the job.

Versatile Receiver Tracing Modes
The 2062-R Receiver incorporates two detection methods: passive tracing without the transmitter for non-contact voltage detection and active tracing with the transmitter for all other modes. The receiver’s tip sensor excels at tracing wires in challenging spaces, such as corners, tight spots, and junction boxes.

– “Smart Sensor” mode swiftly detects energized wires, offering visualizations on the large color LCD.
– “Tip Sensor” mode ensures more precise wire detection.
– “Breaker” mode simplifies breaker and fuse identification based on the highest recorded signal from the transmitter.
– “Non-Contact Voltage Detection” mode allows tracing energized wires without using the transmitter.

Adaptable Transmitter Power Modes
The 2000-T Transmitter operates on energized and de-energized circuits up to CAT IV 600 V, featuring high, low, and loop modes. These modes adjust the induced signal’s strength, ensuring more accurate results based on the specific circuit being traced.

– “High” mode suits normal energized and de-energized circuits.
– “Low” mode is ideal for precision tracing with a low signal, reducing coupling to nearby wires and metal objects.
– “Loop” mode is designed for closed-loop de-energized circuits.

Dual Transmitter Output Frequencies
The 2000-T automatically detects the system’s energy status, selecting a 6 kHz or 33 kHz output frequency accordingly.

Enhanced Receiver Sensitivity Levels
With eight sensitivity levels, the receiver offers heightened flexibility and accuracy during the tracing process.

Comprehensive Kit
The Fluke 2062 Advanced Pro Wire Tracer Kit includes all essential components for wire and circuit tracing. The accessory kit comprises test leads, test probes, blade and round outlet adapters, and alligator clips for connecting the transmitter to electrical systems. While direct connection to a bare conductor using the included alligator clips and test leads ensures the most accurate results, the kit features the i400 Current Clamp for situations where a direct connection is impractical. In such cases, the “Loop” mode can be employed to induce a boosted 6 kHz signal through the insulation. The kit is complete with a magnetic hanger strap, batteries, and a robust carrying case for added convenience.

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