Fluke 561 IR Thermometer

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The Fluke 561 IR Thermometer has K-type thermocouple capability. It can operate as a contact or non contact unit featuring functions for industrial, electrical and HVAC/R professionals will find essential in their line of work.




Flexibility is a huge benefit of Fluke 561 IR Thermometer that allows to take contact and ambient temperatures in the way that suit you most. This thermometer excels when testing motors, pumps, circuit breakers or other electrified components. However the device is so flexible that could find use also in veterinary or medicine. The flexible probe pipe makes it easy to measure in hard-to-reach spots.

Product Features

  • IR thermometer - non contact for measurements on hazardous elements (electrified, hot)
  • Contact thermometer capability, compatible with all standard mini-connector type K thermocouples
  • Fabric hook-and-loop fastener pipe probe for superheat and sub-cooling and other contact and ambient measurements
  • Singular laser beam for better aiming
  • Temperature range of -40°C to 550° C (-40°F to 1022°F)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Min max and average functions

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