Fluke 566 IR Thermometer

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The Fluke 566 is a two-in-one type digital thermometer that features IR probe as well as contact probe. This device features an innovative dot matrix display.




Fluke 566 offers complete array of function required by industrial, electrical and HVAC/R professionals. The simple 3-button interface is clear and intuitive and 6 built in languages are an additional benefit. All of the above is enclosed in sturdy resistant case that is very rugged and dependable.

Product Features

  • Measurement range: -40°C to 800°C /-40°F to 1472°F
  • Distance-to-spot ratio of 50:1
  • Clear interface with 6 languages built in
  • Capture multiple points of data - up to 99
  • Compatible with all standard miniconnector Type-K thermocouples
  • Two levels of back-light
  • FlukeView® Forms software allows for easy data analysis
  • USB connection for fast data transfer
  • See your data on a screen of a laptop
  • Audible warning alarm of exceeding the measurement limits
  • Can operate powered by your laptop through USB

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