Fluke 62MAX Non-contact IR Thermometer

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The Fluke 62max Non-contact IR Thermometer is designed to instantly read the temperature of equipment in hard to reach areas without actually interfering with the scrutinised component.




The increased temperature is often first symptom of malfunction. Fluke 62max Non-contact IR Thermometer allows for safe temperature testing of the equipment at every stage – during normal operation, when load applied or at standstill. Since this is non-contact device no danger exisit during taking the reading. The laser pointer helps with aiming at specifing components of the equipment tested.

Key benefits of the Fluke 62max Non-contact IR Thermometer are:

  • Dust proof, drop tested from 3m heigh, IP54 rated for water resistance
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design with belt clip for convenience
  • Rugged, made to last
  • Accurate readings in an instant

Product Features

  • Precise single laser pointer helps aim at specific components
  • Large backlit and clear mono-chromatic display
  • Functions for saving min, max and average results
  • Alarm for temperatures outside limits
  • Single AA battery operated

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