Fluke 789 Process Meter with Fluke Connect

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The Fluke 789 Process Meter is a top spec device for advanced electricians and technicians with an unique utilities and functions resulting out of combination of loop testing and electronic multimeter utilities.



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The Fluke 789 Process Meter delivers latest troubleshooting utilities for instrumentation technicians using an advanced functionality that combines the qualities of loop calibrator and digital multimeter with built in HART protocol compliant variable resistor. Although the unit is filled with the foremost performance it features simple and easy to follow interface with rotary range selector and push buttons.

Thanks to the wireless connectivity the data logged can be shared among your team and the customers using Fluke Connect™ system. The Fluke 789 Process Meter is also equipped with temperature reading module and many handy utilities for making your work easier and faster.

Product Features

Technical Features
  • 24 V Loop power supply
  • Large, easy read backlit lcd display
  • 1200 ohm drive capability on mA source
  • HART mode setting with loop power and a built-in 250 ohm resistor
  • Externally accessible fuses for easy replacement
  • Infrared-port to process data in FlukeView Forms (V2.1) software
  • Accurate 1000 V, 440 mA True-RMS digital multimeter built in
  • 0.1% DC voltage accuracy
  • 0.05% DC current accuracy
  • Frequency measurement to 20 kHz
  • Diode Test and Continuity Buzzer
  • Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout
  • 20 mA DC current source / loop calibrator / simulator
  • Manual Step (100%, 25%, Coarse, Fine) plus Auto Step and Auto Ramp

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