Connect Testers

Wireless testers bring new and advanced features making your work as resourceful and productive as never before. Share, compare, communicate and exchange resources now with the Connect Testers we have on offer here at Forget about the hassle of connecting wires, re-attaching devices – now you can extend the functionality of your tool kit by introducing external wireless modules to build powerful systems capable of reading data simultaneously and inter-communicating with each other. PowerPoint-Engineering is an authorised distributor for many leading manufacturer’s, such as Fluke, Megger and BEHA Amprobe.

  • SKU: FLK-T3000 FC

    The Fluke t3000 FC Wireless Temperature Module is a versatile K-type thermocouple thermometer that relays measurements through wireless emitter to other Fluke Connect™ enabled test devices.

    22.00excl VAT27.06incl VAT

  • SKU: FLK-A3000 FC

    The Fluke a3000 FC Wire Free AC Current Clamp Module is a true-rms current clamp meter that transmits measurement results over the wireless to the Fluke Connect enabled master device.

    22.00excl VAT27.06incl VAT

  • SKU: FLK-A3001 FC

    The Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex? AC Current Module is a true-RMS flexible current meter that relays measurements through wireless to other Fluke Connect™ enabled devices.

    257.00excl VAT316.11incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLK-3000 FC

    The Fluke 3000 FC Wireless Multimeter is a wireless enabled multimeter that helps to limit the risks while conducting test activities. Just connect remote modules to tested system and stand back. All readings will appear on multi

    342.00excl VAT420.66incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: Fluke 374FC

    The Fluke 374FC Fluke Connect Clamp Meter is an opening proposition in new range of Fluke Current Clamps. The design was revised to improve ergonomics and now the Fluke 374FC is compatible with Fluke TPAK magnetic hanger (optional for this model) to further improve your safety and comfort.

    389.00excl VAT478.47incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: Fluke 375FC

    The all new Fluke 375FC Clamp Meter with Fluke Connect offers some improvements over the previous model: the wireless connectvity makes it ideal for preventative maintenance or long term current monitoring. It also makes the device safer as it can be operated from the distance through your smartphone.

    465.00excl VAT571.95incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLK-T3000 FC KIT

    The Fluke FC t3000 Temperature Kit is a handy combination of Digital Multimeter and Digital remotely operating Thermometer.

    489.00excl VAT601.47incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLK-A3000FC KIT

    The Fluke a3000 FC Wireless AC Current Clamp Kit is a member of the Fluke Connect™ team of wireless test tools designed to allow for remote measurements taking limiting the risk imposed on the operator.

    489.00excl VAT601.47incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLK-A3001FC KIT

    The Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex? AC Current Clamp Kit allows for remote AC Current measurements from a safe distance. In case of an accidental failure of the tested equipment only the tester is in harms way, not you.

    527.00excl VAT648.21incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLUKE 376FC

    The Fluke 376FC Fluke Connect Clamp Meter with iFlex is a new highly advanced clamp meter from Fluke. This is as good as it is going to get with all latest improvements you can think of – everything for your convenience, safety and comfort.

    529.00excl VAT650.67incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLK-3000 FC HVAC

    The Fluke FC Wireless HVAC System is designed to take you out of the high risk test area minimising the risk element during repair or maintenance operations. All of that thanks to wireless communication.

    652.00excl VAT801.96incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLK-3000 FC GM

    The Fluke Connect FC General Maintenance System is designed for safety and convenience. The base unit is a digital multimeter capable of displaying three results at a time from various linked through wireless modules.

    899.00excl VAT1,105.77incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLK-3000 FC IND

    The Fluke 3000 FC Remote Industrial System offers an unique abilities for testing the equipment safely while working under full load capacity.

    1,123.00excl VAT1,381.29incl VAT Free Delivery!