Fluke Connect

Your work never was so efficient as now

The Fluke Connect is a highly effective and innovative wireless communication system designed to make your work easier and more effective. The system allows for multiple test measurements being taken simultaneously saving you time and hassle. After the work is done you can share, amend, modify, combine and report results.


Fluke Multiple Measurements

Fluke Connect Android IOS

Compatibile with iPhone and Android

Collect the data from Fluke Connect enabled devices directly to the screen of your smartphone or tablet. The results are presented in a clear, attractive manner. You can then create highly presentable and customable reports that can be sent to your customers or collegues directly from the site. The surveys conducted with Fluke Connect devices are fast and effective.


New level of safety

One of largest benefits of Fluke Connect devices is that your physical presence near the tested component is no longer required. You can safely stay aside, away from the heat and danger zone. Just de-energise the equipment, attach your wireless Fluke Connect enabled probes and meters to the desired components and safely re-energise the system. Should a failure occurs you can be safely away. This gives a new level of safety during maintenance and repair work.


Fluke Connect - Safety

Fluke Collaborate

Collaborate and cooperate

Fluke Connect allows for team collaboration on site by giving you an unique way of sharing your resources / test results and communicating with other members of your team. Thanks to the Fluke Connect system your decission making process can be smoother.


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