Solar Testers

  • SKU: FLK-SMFT-1000-KIT

    The Fluke-SMFT-1000-KIT Solar Multifunction Analyzer can test that PV systems are performing to their optimal power output as well as operating safely with the Fluke SMFT-1000 multifunction tester with I-V curve tracing. Designed for PV professionals that provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services to systems that operate at 1000 V DC or under.

  • The PVM-1020 meter is probably the world’s smallest photovoltaic system meter with such a substantial number of measurement functions. The functions are selected with a rotary switch. Additional parameters are set with buttons located on the housing. All buttons and the graphic display are backlit, which greatly facilitates operation in shaded places, e.g. when taking measurements under ground-mounted PV systems. Large memory significantly shortens preparation of documents after the measurement.

  • SKU: 388A915

    The Seaward PV150 Complete Solar PV Test Kit?allows electrical safety and performance verification of photovoltaic installations in a safe and easy-to-use device.

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