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Choose from our wide range of Environmental Testers, Laser Distance Meters, Vibration Testers and Accessories. PowerPoint-Engineering is an authorised distributor for many leading manufacturer’s, such as Fluke, Megger and BEHA Amprobe.

  • SKU: FLK-ii900

    The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager is the perfect for troubleshooting air systems, allowing maintenance teams to easily address air, gas and vacuum leaks.

    17,499.00excl VAT15,749.10excl VAT19,371.39incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: AC285

    The Fluke SureGrip Alligator Clip Set is designed to provide tight and reliable connection to the tested conductor.

    24.00excl VAT20.40excl VAT25.09incl VAT

  • SKU: TL175E

    The Fluke TL 175E TwistGuard Test Leads offers smart and reliable way of probing in different environments and scenarios thanks to the innovative adjustable test tip technology. CAT II 1000 V, CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V 10 A rated.

    33.00excl VAT28.05excl VAT34.50incl VAT

  • SKU: C50

    The Fluke C50 Meter Cover is a quality made universal cover that fits many of Fluke Meters.

    43.00excl VAT36.55excl VAT44.96incl VAT

  • SKU: C90

    The Fluke C90 Carry Case is ideally suited for use with your digital multimeter or portable IR thermometer.

    43.00excl VAT36.55excl VAT44.96incl VAT


    The Fluke TPAK Magnetic Clip is a handy device that allows to clip on to your multimeter and hang it on to any metal surface thanks to the built in magnetic tip.

    43.00excl VAT36.55excl VAT44.96incl VAT

  • SKU: TL76

    The Fluke TL 76 Multifunction Test Lead Set is ideally suited for multiple uses: excellent for probing around tightly spaced connectors or outlet sockets.

    43.00excl VAT36.55excl VAT44.96incl VAT

  • SKU: C35

    The Fluke C35 Multimeter Holster is a quality cover that offers protection and ease of movement to your digital multimeter.

    49.00excl VAT41.65excl VAT51.23incl VAT

  • SKU: C125

    The Fluke C125 Zipped Soft Meter Case offers extended functionality thanks to multiple compartments and removable front pouch.

    52.00excl VAT44.20excl VAT54.37incl VAT


    The Fluke RLD2 HVAC/R Flashlight is an excellent device that allows for instant refrigerant and air conditioning leaks thanks to the built in UV light emitter.

    54.00excl VAT45.90excl VAT56.46incl VAT

  • SKU: TL220-1

    The Fluke TL 220 SureGrip Industrial Test Leads Kit is a comprehensive set of various SureGrip Test Leads.

    83.00excl VAT70.55excl VAT86.78incl VAT

  • SKU: MP1-Magnet Probe 1

    The Fluke MP1 magnetic banana probes offers a safe, reliable and quick way to conduct measurements.

    94.00excl VAT79.90excl VAT98.28incl VAT

  • SKU: TL165X

    The Fluke TL 165X Standard Test Lead Set is designed as a spare or replacement leads for Fluke 1652C, Fluke 1653B or Fluke 1654B.

    120.00excl VAT102.00excl VAT125.46incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLUKE 414D

    The Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter offers accurate distance calculation with the range of 50 meters. Easy to use and reliable in delivery of the readings.

    140.00excl VAT119.00excl VAT146.37incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: PRV240

    The Fluke PRV240 is a convenient way of testing whether your meter works correctly. This battery powered portable voltage source is small and lightweight and therefore excelent when on the go.

    164.00excl VAT139.40excl VAT171.46incl VAT Free Delivery!

    169.00excl VAT143.65excl VAT176.69incl VAT Free Delivery!