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At we offer a range of accessories for the testers we have available, including carry pouches and covers, spare leads and current clamps, hangers and much more. PowerPoint-Engineering is an authorised distributor for many leading manufacturer’s, such as Fluke, Megger and BEHA Amprobe.

  • SKU: FLUKE C50

    The Fluke C50 Meter Cover is a quality made universal cover that fits many of Fluke Meters.

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    The Fluke TPAK Magnetic Clip is a handy device that allows to clip on to your multimeter and hang it on to any metal surface thanks to the built in magnetic tip.

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  • SKU: 935000910

    The Fluke C90 Carry Case is ideally suited for use with your digital multimeter or portable IR thermometer.

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  • SKU: FLUKE C35

    The Fluke C35 Multimeter Holster is a quality cover that offers protection and ease of movement to your digital multimeter.

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  • SKU: C125

    The Fluke C125 Zipped Soft Meter Case offers extended functionality thanks to multiple compartments and removable front pouch.

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    The Fluke PRV240 is a convenient way of testing whether your meter works correctly. This battery powered portable voltage source is small and lightweight and therefore excelent when on the go.

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