Intrinsically Safe

The range of ATEX Certified Test Tools available on are not only designed to meet the ATEX criteria, but to exceed them. The tools are suited to be used in hazardous areas where risk of an explosion is high. Ideal for use in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, oil platforms and similar industries. PowerPoint-Engineering is an authorised distributor for many leading manufacturer’s, such as Fluke, Megger and BEHA Amprobe.

  • SKU: FLUKE 707EX

    The Fluke 707Ex ATEX Loop Calibrator is designed to offer additional layer of protection when testing the milliamp outputs in explosion endangered areas.

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  • SKU: FLUKE 568EX

    The Fluke 568 Ex ATEX Certified Infrared Thermometer is ideally suited to thermal troubleshooting in areas where risk of fire or an explosion is high.

    1,379.00excl VAT1,266.30excl VAT1,557.55incl VAT Free Delivery!


    The Fluke 28 II Ex Intrinsically Safe True-RMS Digital Multimeter is designed to withstand everything you can encounter on your path when troubleshooting electrical and electronic devices. Dust proof, water proof, fall proof and compliant with ATEX regulations – the Fluke 28 II Ex will never let you down.

    1,407.00excl VAT1,730.61incl VAT Free Delivery!

  • SKU: FLUKE 718EX 30G

    The Fluke 718Ex ATEX ready Pressure Calibrator is a powerful intrinsically safe, self contained pressure calibrator for use in Explosion endangered areas.

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  • SKU: FLUKE 725EX

    The Fluke 725Ex ATEX Ready Multifunction Process Calibrator offers a wide array of powerful functions but it lost nothing out of ease of use of its predecessors.

    4,145.00excl VAT3,730.50excl VAT4,588.52incl VAT Free Delivery!