Portable Oscilloscopes

Fluke Portable Oscilloscopes are unique in the way that they combine full functionality of a desktop Oscilloscope with durability and portability Fluke is renown for. Any harsh environment isn’t a problem for these complex diagnostic devices. We offer range of ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscopes including Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter Oscilloscope, Fluke 190-202 Oscilloscope or Fluke 190-062 Portable Oscilloscope.

Powerpoint Engineering is an authorised distributor for Fluke in Ireland.

  • Fluke 124B Scopemeter

    Fluke 124B ScopeMeter®

    SKU: FLUKE 124B-UK

    The all new Fluke 124B ScopeMeter® is a 40 MHz dual channel handheld oscilloscope with built in dual input multimeter. Designed with ease of use in mind the Fluke 124B is a leader in its field.

    1,835.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke 123B Scopemeter

    Fluke 123B Portable Oscilloscope

    SKU: FLUKE 123B-UK

    The new Fluke 123B Portable Oscilloscope is a new entry level Industrial Handheld instrument capable of displaying and recording precise waveforms. The built in multimeter extends versatility of the device even further.

    1,529.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke 125B Scopemeter

    Fluke 125B Handheld Industrial Oscilloscope

    SKU: FLUKE 125B-UK

    The new Fluke 125B is a worthy replacement for the Fluke 125 which was an industry leader for over 17 years. Bursting with smart functionality and rugged design this is the ultimate industrial handheld oscilloscope.

    2,192.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter Porable Oscilloscope

    Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscope

    SKU: FLUKE 190-204

    The Fluke ScopeMeter 190-204 offers an unique combination of highest safety ratings with built quality that lasts long.

    4,349.99+ VAT

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  • Fluke 190-202 Portable Oscilloscope

    Fluke 190-202 Portable Oscilloscope

    SKU: FLUKE 190-202

    The Fluke 190-202 Portable Oscilloscope is a top quality portable device capable of use in variety of environments. Dust proof and drip proof.

    3,809.99+ VAT

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  • Fluke 190-102 Portable Oscilloscope

    Fluke 190-102 ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscope

    SKU: FLUKE 190-102

    The Fluke 190-102 ScopeMeter Portable Oscilloscope is an excellent companion for technicians and maintenance workers when troubleshooting in multiple environments/applications. Features colour display and 2 independent 100 MHz channels.

    3,149.99+ VAT

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  • Fluke 192-062 Handheld Oscilloscope

    Fluke 190-062 ScopeMeter Handheld Oscilloscope

    SKU: FLUKE 190-062

    The Fluke 190-062 ScopeMeter Handheld Oscilloscope is ideally suited for complex measurements of microelectronic circuits. USB connection allows for data transfer between the device and PC thus allowing for further analysis of readings taken.

    2,679.99+ VAT

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