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  • SKU: FLUKE 117

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    The Fluke 117 True RMS Multimeter is ideally suited for general maintenance or utility. Thanks to versatility and built in advanced functions it can be used in many environments, both domestic and industrial.

    Key features

    The 117 digital multimeter is a for electricians working in commercial and non-commercial premises that need non-contact voltage detection for faster and safer operations.

    • Non-contact voltage detection
    • AutoVolt automatic AC/DC voltage selection
    • Prevent false readings caused by ghost voltage

  • SKU: Fluke-190 Series III

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    The Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter is a high performance portable oscilloscope engineered for harsh environments. The CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600V rated test tools combine both portability and the high performance of bench oscilloscopes helping you to take on the challenges of installing, commissioning and maintaining industrial machinery, automation and process controls, and power conversion  electronics with ease— from DC to 500 MHz.

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  • SKU: FLUKE 1621

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    The Fluke 1621 Earth Ground Tester is an easy-to-use earth ground tester. The Fluke 1621 Earth Ground Tester is at the forefront when it comes to detecting reliable ground connections.

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  • SKU: FLUKE 355

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    The Fluke 355 AC/DC TRMS 2000A Clampmeter, both tough and adaptable, provides a the perfect platform for taking dependable readings. With its True RMS, the Fluke 355 AC/DC TRMS 2000A Clampmeter is the quintessential tool

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  • SKU: FLUKE 1662

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    The all new Fluke 1662 Multi-function Installation Tester offers a fresh perspective into daily installation checks and maintenance. Equipped with a vast array of test function, legendary Fluke reliability and ease of use, and

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  • SKU: FLUKE 1663

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    The new Fluke 1663 Multi-function tester combines advanced technology and high built quality in a compact, ergonomic instrument that can be your best tool for every day use. The device benefits from clear user interface with quick access to functions and connectivity ports for data sharing.

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  • SKU: FLUKE 1664FC

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    The latest in line of excellent Fluke Installation Testers – Fluke 1664 FC is one of the most advanced Multi-function Installation testers currently available on the market. It inherits all of the qualities of it’s predecessors –

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