Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras offers an excellent way of visually troubleshoot machines and equipment for correct operation. The increased heat is often a result of malfunction that can lead to costly breakdowns. Fluke offers class leading Thermal Imagers including Fluke Ti100, Fluke Ti200 or Fluke Ti400. Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras are also ideally suited for BER Rating Assessments.

Powerpoint Engineering is an authorised distributor for Fluke in Ireland.

  • Fluke 279FC Thermal Imaging Multimeter

    SKU: FLUKE 279FC

    Save time and money – now you can with Fluke 279 FC Thermal Imaging Multimeter. Designed to simplify the process of conducting preventative maintenance, it features built in thermal imager that extends functionality of this true rms multimeter.

    1,199.00+ VAT

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  • Special Offer! Fluke Ti450 Thermal Imager

    Fluke Ti450 Professional Thermal Imager

    SKU: FLK-Ti450-9HZ

    The new top spec Fluke Ti450 Thermal Imager features MultiSharp™ focusing system that is responsible for an outstanding focus regardless of the distance from the object. Don't waste your time on focusing – just aim and shoot.

    Promotion - get a free lens with Ti 450 - offer valid til 31 December 2017

    7,495.007,645.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke TiS65 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke TiS65 Thermal Imaging Camera

    SKU: FLUKE TiS65

    The Fluke TiS65 Thermal Imaging Camera is a manual focus thermal imager with 260×195 resolution. Rugged and well made.

    3,695.003,845.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke TiS60 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke TiS60 Thermal Imager

    SKU: FLUKE TiS60

    The Fluke TiS60 Thermal Imager is a handy portable IR camera designed for ease of use and operator's comfort. Rugged and reliable at all times.

    3,395.003,545.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke TiS55 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke TiS55 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

    SKU: FLUKE TiS55

    The Fluke TiS55 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera is lightweight and handy to use. It features camera resolution of 220×165 and distance to spot of 353:1. This is a manual focus camera.

    2,995.003,145.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke TiS50 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke TiS50 Fixed Focus Thermal Imager

    SKU: FLUKE TiS50

    The Fluke TiS50 Fixed Focus Thermal Imager is a camera offering distance to spot ratio of 353:1 making it very accurate. Thanks to the performance boost given by an improved hardware this is a spot on thermal imager.

    2,695.002,845.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke TiS45 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke TiS45 Portable Thermal Imaging Camera

    SKU: FLUKE TiS45

    The Fluke TiS45 Portable Thermal Imaging Camera offers a considerable improvement over the previous generation models, enhanced hardware and bettered connectivity.

    2,395.002,545.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke TiS40 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke TiS40 Thermal Imager

    SKU: FLUKE TiS40

    The Fluke TiS40 Thermal Imager is a simplified version of the more advanced examples from TiS range, yet it has all the qualities of Fluke products and bursts with latest technology.

    1,995.002,145.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke TiS20 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke TiS20 Thermal Camera

    SKU: FLUKE TiS20

    The Fluke TiS20 Thermal Camera is an entry model for the new TiS range. It is extremely simple to use and operate. Built in report generator allows for creating measurement reports on the spot.

    1,495.001,645.00+ VAT

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  • Fluke Ti100 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Fluke Ti100 Handheld Thermal Imager

    SKU: FLK-TI100

    The Fluke Ti100 Handheld Thermal Imager is lightweight one-handed professional thermal imaging camera that is easy to use and operate.

    Unfortunately this product has been discontinued.