Just like vibration, one of the first symptoms of an imminent failure of a component is increased heat. It can be a result of friction or overload. The Non-Contact IR Thermometers we offer here at are designed to safely and quickly display the actual temperature of your equipment, allowing you to detect a malfunction before it causes costly breakdowns. PowerPoint-Engineering is an authorised distributor for many leading manufacturer’s, such as Fluke, Megger and BEHA Amprobe.


    The Fluke 62max Non-contact IR Thermometer is designed to instantly read the temperature of equipment in hard to reach areas without actually interfering with the scrutinised component.

  • SKU: FLUKE 62 MAX+

    The is a non contact thermometer ideally suited to preventive temperature check in transformers, motors, panels, circuit breakers, steam lines and similar.

  • SKU: FLUKE 561

    The Fluke 561 IR Thermometer has K-type thermocouple capability. It can operate as a contact or non contact unit featuring functions for industrial, electrical and HVAC/R professionals will find essential in their line of work.

  • SKU: FLUKE 568

    The Fluke 568 contact and non contact (IR) thermometer is very simple to use thanks to simplified interface with only three buttons.

  • SKU: FLUKE 566

    The Fluke 566 is a two-in-one type digital thermometer that features IR probe as well as contact probe. This device features an innovative dot matrix display.

  • SKU: FLUKE-572-2

    The Fluke 572-2 High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer is designed for use to measure high temperatures in industrial environments across many sectors (electrical, metallurgic, glass, cement, etc.)

  • SKU: Forehead

    ? Measure body (forehead) temperature

    ? Monitor individuals for temperature change

    ? Non-contact technique reduces potential

    spread of diseases from using contact devices